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Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, is home to techies from all over the country. This garden city with scenic outdoors and a happening nightlife for the young and vibrant minds also has beautiful homes ranging from trendy studio apartments to the big and spacious apartments and villas that speak volumes about the varied culture of the crowd. Let’s take a look at the top interior design trends for the current year.

Warm colors and two-tones

Colors are an important factor of interior designing as they accentuate furniture and evoke emotions. Warm colors are making a comeback this season. Some like it bold with dark shades, and others prefer hues of lighter ones that brighten the space and which are a great match to the minimalistic and stylish furniture of today. Two-toned kitchen cabinets have also been a popular pick for the Bengalureans to give their modular kitchens a more stylish look.

Wallpapers and Statement Ceilings

There is always a portion of the house which is close to the heart and decorated with a dash of emotions, and this mostly happens to be one of the cozy corners in the living room. Accentuating that wall with textured paints or wallpapers with favourite patterns and colors bring in a sense of liveliness to the space. Easy-to-stick wallpapers with plenty of designs to choose from are a go-to option for most of the Bengalureans today, as they can be changed often to suit the latest moods and trends. False ceilings or patterned ceilings with bold colors, mirror fixtures, or painted art are also a preferred choice for many, with those enhancing the looks of a living room or dining area.

A touch of Outside on the Inside

Sustainability is one word that is being spoken about quite often these days. Well, it has also been part of the interior designing trends for the looks of it. Wood and greenery are part of many homes today for both materialistic and organic uses. Wooden furniture gives a very natural look to the rooms, and we leave no stone unturned with smart kitchen interiors also having wooden finish options. With no crunch for space in Bengaluru homes, an open-to-sky area is the choice of many. The artificial grass carpeted balconies or other sit-outs of the house with a good set of indoor plants and cane furniture provides a feeling of freshness inside homes in the garden city of India.

Multifunctional Furniture and Spaces

Minimalist culture has been trending globally and Bengaluru being a tech hub is no exception! There are various options for multipurpose furniture for every room especially for those wanting to double up on room spaces. Be it the multifunctional tea tables, the skirting drawers, the drop-down dining tables, or the wall-mounted/foldable beds, enough options are available for even a studio apartment to look spacious and yet be well-equipped.

Home Office, a Focal Point

Work from home is becoming a culture of today, with many companies adopting this style for post covid times in the future. This, combined with complimenting reasons such as having a presentable background for video calls, having a dedicated work area for better focus, etc., has driven many of them to create a workspace at home. Trendy,
multifunctional, and tech-savvy office tables/school tables attached with storage cabinets, rolling chairs, stylish bookshelves, and indoor plants have all made their way to home offices.

For the love of Ethnicity

However modern our home designer may be, there’s always a way to give it all an Indian touch with ethnic patterns. The beautiful, traditional, and yet trendy Indian art is part of curtains, kitchen tiles, and other upholstery designs in many Bengaluru home interiors today. Indian art and tradition can also be instilled in dedicated places of worship
inside homes, such as wooden doors with hanging bells, antique moldings, decorative wall panel lights, etc. Marbles and decorative tiles also complement this setting.

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