Latest Home Interior Design Trends For 2022: A Broad Look From Top Designers

Home Interior Design Trends For 2022

Do you have a passion for making trendy additions to your home now and then? Want to know what are the top Home Interior Design Trends for 2022 that will be trending this coming year?

After Build, brings to you these latest trends to the forefront so that you can be in the league of Home Interior Design Trends and take charge of your home.

Here are 13 Home Interior Design Trends For 2022 by Top Designers:

1. Color And Pattern Everywhere

People are now moving towards embracing colors and patterns in their day-to-day lives. There are several patterns like spirals, geometric shapes, lines, crosses, checks that can be combined with colors that bring out inner nature and feelings in you. You can play with your imagination here and choose patterns that suit you in certain places.

2. Interior Design Trends With Nature

Top designers predict that 2022 is going to be a year of nature. In recent times we have all started to embrace nature and started including greenery in our homes. It calms you, gives you a pleasant feeling, and spreads positivity throughout your home space.

Here are some plants with low maintenance that you can nurture at home:

  • Oxalis or False Shamrock
  • Pothos Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Anthurium
  • Heartleaf Philodendron

3. Inviting And Inspiring WFH Spaces

The WFH trend looks like it is going to be extended even after 2022 mostly. Whether you are working from home full time, or part-time, having a proper WFH space will help you progress in work efficiently. Having a dedicated workspace away from noise & distractions provides you with motivation and inspiration. Most importantly it should provide one with the right amount of comfort to become more productive. Go for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing design.



4. Giving The Kitchen A Much-Needed Glow Up

Design your kitchen space in a way that is completely utilitarian and functional. Keep in mind ease of access and comfort to cook. Use colors that increase appetite, red & yellow! You can choose home utilities that save space and make your kitchen a great place to cook effortlessly. You can also opt for a particularly themed color for your kitchen utensils to give your kitchen a much-needed glow-up. 

5. Homes That Tell A Global Story

Stories.. Stories.. Stories.. We all have a beautiful story to tell Right? Top trending designers predict that we have started embracing our stories and weave them into our designs to mirror who we are. Sit and derive what are your family narratives (it would be a delightful process) and highlight designs in a way that represents your individual selves. Be inspired and motivated to tell a global story to those who visit your place.

6. Harnessing The Power of One’s Design Personality

We all have a unique sense of style. Channeling your inner sense of style into a design for your home space is something that top designers are predicting to be amongst the top most Home Interior Design Trends for 2022. Define what makes you and visualize how to represent that in an element of design. Make plans as to what goes where, you can include favourite photographs, illustrations, colors, patterns that bring out the unique qualities in you.

7. Greater Investment In Outdoor Rooms

Based on what top designers have to say, having an amazing outdoor set up is going to do great rounds in 2022. It is going to be the best investment that you can ever make. Having an outdoor space when designed properly can create an extended home space where you can rest, chill, cook and have fun with your family. Bear in mind that your outdoor space needs some regular care like your indoor space too.

8. Bring Home The Velvet Trend

It’s time to incorporate some velvet into your home interior design. Velvet is a fabric that expresses poshness elegantly. Buy cushions, sofas, duvets, and curtains in velvet, and try to include them in spaces that starkly bring out other design elements of your home space. Using velvet furniture with proper lighting will pop up the colors and aesthetically be pleasing for your living space.

9. Create Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trend

Top designers are predicting that there will be a global involvement in Eco-Friendly interior designs. Every household will have its way of doing its part to become sustainable. Forego the Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO) and start including elements of Eco-friendly decor furniture that’s been recycled, do-it-yourself designs, etc. Start with something small and slowly replace things that aren’t eco-friendly such as – plastic chairs, plastic kitchen utensils, etc. You can also opt for energy-efficient heating, lighting, and appliances.

10. Everybody’s Going Green

Start with introducing subtler shades of green into your home base. These low notes of green can be introduced in the form of furniture, wall decor, plants, appliances, and kitchen utensils. Using pastel green and tinted green will give a natural base and give your home a refreshing look without dominating the outlook of your home. 

11. Embracing Those Curves

Top designers swear that curved and smooth-edged furniture is going to be sure-shot amongst new home owners in 2022. These soft c-shaped sofas and soft-edged tables are giving a comeback from an era of romance and love. These are also highly safe and durable to have when you have kids at home. Pair them up with some modern decors to tell the world that you love being traditional and modern at the same time.

12. Minimalism Remains

Minimalism is going to be a big part of the upcoming Home Interior Design Trends for 2022. For all minimalism enthusiasts, have minimal furniture (wood and metal-based) and stick to these elements. Use fewer decors or ornaments but you can visually increase the dimensions of your living space by using different textures against contrasting surfaces for a trendy look. 

13. Light Floors

Flooring is an important aspect of your home interior design. It can either up your design element or throw you off completely. Make sure to use light-colored floorings for your home space, it will let natural light bounce onto your home. When you add a few brightly colored artworks, it will greatly accentuate the dimensions of the place and give you a warm and comfy home.

These are the 13 Home Interior Design Trends For 2022 that Top Designers have predicted for the upcoming year. Which one do you like the most and which do you think would be most suited for your home? Make sure to leave your comments below and share these home interior designs with your friends and family. 

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