Monsoon Ready Home Designs

As much as we look forward to enjoying the monsoon ready home  and getting some respite from getting roasted under the  scorching sun in India, there are a few things that we need to do to protect and maintain our homes during this  season. Home is one of the most valuable investments made once in a lifetime, and it is in our ability to safeguard  and pamper it. 

In this blog, we highlight some of the monsoon home safety measures that one can take before the start of this  season to prevent it from getting affected. So, let’s get started! 

Monsoon Ready home Exteriors Inspection

This monsoon recommended to have the rooftop and the exterior walls of the house checked for any cracks or water seepage  inlets. If you find them to be present, make sure to have them filled a few days before the start of the season. These  help to dry up the fillings, thus protecting the exteriors to a good extent. 

Waterproofing of home exteriors

Waterproofing the roof, terrace, and balconies of a monsoon home provides protection tips. A coat of waterproof paint to  the exterior walls of the home, if required should be done well before the monsoon sets in, giving it enough time to  dry up. A rain check on the drains present on the home exteriors will be good to prevent water clogging and ensure  smooth outflow of water. 

Check on Electrical Fittings

Any open wires and electrical fittings on the exterior are prone to electrical shocks or short circuits in the absence of  adequate cover. Safety precautions for the home during the rainy season should be taken with the help of an  electrician to avoid any danger that may set in due to rains.  

Pest Control Measures

A humid atmosphere at home is like an invitation to the pests. One of the most important monsoon tips is periodic  pest controls to avoid any pest-related problems for the house, furniture, and personal health. 

Carpet and Rugs Clean up

Moving up rugs or carpets during this season is a wise thing to do, given the humidity exposure and the possibility of  dampness that may set in as they absorb moisture and end up becoming a breeding ground for germs. These also  ensure that they are kept in good condition for use during the rest of the year. 

Guide to Home Ventilation

The air inside a house is prone to humidity during monsoons, and adequate cross-ventilation of air will rightly serve  as a preventive measure for avoiding dampness around and the smell associated with it. Regular cleaning, dusting,  de-humidifying techniques, etc., are some of the various other safety measures that one can take during the rainy  season to keep the air fresh. 

Re-assembling of things at home

Moving things at monsoon Ready home is one of the exciting things to do since it also gives a fresh look to the home interiors. The  outdoor plants should be moved to a safer place to avoid getting soaked up. While some of them could be moved in  to accentuate the living and dining rooms, the other can be moved to a place where they have some roof for  protection. Sufficient space between the walls and furniture can keep them away from dampness. 

It is important to take care of our homes and pamper it with all necessary measures to be able to maintain and  extend their longevity. Safety measures during rainy seasons should be taken and never ignored, to not get  burdened with unforeseen expenses that may occur due to negligence.

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