Design Phase

* Designer and Project manager will be communicating with customers in the design phase and execution phase respectively. If you have any further escalations or assistance needed, our Branch Manager will be more than happy to help you with Policies.

* Our designers will keep your designs and discussions confidential.

* We provide design iterations to get the design you want for your dream interiors.

* One same designer will be assigned throughout your project. It makes communication easier.

*The samples which we display in our experience center will be the actual materials. At the same time, there are practical difficulties to show you the whole sheet of the material because of the size concern. The grains/knots in the sample piece may or may not look like the full sheet material. But our designer can definitely help you on avoiding confusions about that.

*After Build will not be providing any product/service other than mentioned in the scope of work. There might be some components shown in the 3D designs which are just added for a better understanding of the design possibilities for your home.

*Work agreement will be generated from us which includes 3D designs, 2D production drawings, material, and color selection details for which customer approval is required. Day 1 will be counted when the second payment is reflected in our account

Execution Phase

* Work execution will be carried out based on the work agreement approved. So kindly go through the work agreement policies in detail before the approval

* We require an email approval as a reply for the work agreement document mailed to the customer

* Fabrication will be happening based on the dimensions mentioned in the 2D drawings

* Any kind of oral commitments will not be valid which might have taken place during the design discussion stage. Please ensure that all commitments promises are documented in the work agreement before approval

* Changes in drawings or design will not be accepted after the work agreement approval. If something comes really important, the designer will check with the team and take the best possible action

*Any addition to the scope of work will be charged extra

*One set of the key should be given to us along with the work agreement approval which will be returned to the customer at the time of handover

*Permission formalities from the builder have to be cleared up by the customer before starting the work

*Electricity, water, and lift facilities should be active at the site while we take over your home for interior works

*First coat paint has to be completed before the interior works

*We will not take responsibility for the breakage of plumbing lines at the time of drilling upon the bathroom wall for the wall fixtures. All drilling inside the bathroom will be carried out as per the customer’s guidance. Customer presence is mandatory for the bathroom fixtures

*Removal of debris and basic site cleaning will be done by our housekeeping team. But the final round of deep cleaning before move-in will be customer scope


* The customer will be intimated the exact date and time of handover a week prior

* If the customer or their representative is unable to be at the site on the scheduled date, we will reschedule the date as per the customer convenience once again

* House key and wardrobe keys will be handed over to the customer on the same day

* Handover signature will be taken from the customer as a formality

* Warranty Certificate will be provided to the customer after the remittance of full payment

Delay Penalty

* We ensure that we hand over the project on or before the scheduled date. In case any delay occurs more than 15 days from the committed date, we pay you back 0.01% of the project value as a delayed penalty for each working day taking responsibility for the delay happening. The total payback will not happen beyond 3% of the total project value

Note:- Delay penalty will be only applicable when the house is not ready to move in. The term move-in is defined as when the house can be used physically for normal living conditions. Minor finishing works will not be taken into account

* If there is a design change/additional work raised by the customer from the approved design, the delay penalty will not be applicable

* If any delay happens because of some product/service which comes under customer scope of work, it might delay the entire project for which After Build will not be responsible

* Delay in work starting date at the site because of the non-clearance of permission formalities which has to be done from the customer end

* Unavailability of uninterrupted power, water, and lift facilities at the site

* If the house is not in a working condition for us due to some pending works from the builder’s/customer’s end

* Delay in payment or partial payment from the customer

* If any natural calamity or act of God happens

* Hartal, Bandh, or similar restrictions

* Any external factors

Post-move-in check & Free service

* After your move into your dream home, our team visits your home to have a functional check of all products. The period of warranty starts from the handover date

* We provide a free service once in the first year

Period of Warranty
* Modular cabinets – 10 years
* On-site works – 7 years
* Gypsum works – 5 years
* Lights – 2 years
* To claim warranty customer should contact our customer care

* Any kind of malfunctioning/damage will be addressed by our team

* Customer should inform us within 10 days of malfunctioning/damage

* Customer should have the After Build warranty certificate or digital copy of the same

* There will not be any hidden charges during the warranty service. But if any product has to be serviced/replaced or if any additional work is done which does not cover under the warranty, that has to be paid by the customer separately

* Warranty will be only provided after the inspection of our team

* No exchange of products

* Only the damaged component will be replaced, not the whole unit

* If any particular component is discontinued at the time of claim, then it will be replaced by the new equivalent product at that time

* After build will not be liable for any direct/indirect consequential loss/damage caused to the customer due to the malfunctioning/damage of the product

* Warranty will be strictly the same as whatever is mentioned on the website. If any of our representatives is offering further warranty beyond this will not be valid and we will be taking strict actions on that

* After Build reserves the right to change the specifications of the product at the time of claiming based on the evolution and improvement in the market

* Our representative will be having the right to decide how the malfunctioning/damage can be rectified

* The product should be owned by the same owner at the time of claiming

* The product should be at the same position and location as at the time of handover

* The product should not be serviced by any other unauthorized technician outside After Build

* Warranty will not be applicable for the damage due to the co-product which was not provided by After Build

* Scratches, cuts, and nicks which comes because of normal use will not be covered under warranty

* Warranty will not be applicable for breakage/damage of mirror/glass after the handover

* Natural wear and tear will not be covered under warranty

* Damages/malfunctioning caused to products due to abnormal use, alteration, modification, temperature variation, continuous contact with water, surface with contaminants, high moisture contact with water, etc… will not be covered under warranty

* We are happy to provide service post-warranty period also with minimal charges. You always belong to the After Build family!

Cancellation & Refunds Policies

* All payments made will be non- refundable at any circumstances