Rustic Interior Design – Everything You Need To Know For Your Home

Rustic Interior Design

Every home is a reflection of its owner. Are you someone who loves the countryside and always wants to settle down there? Waiting to get retired and settle down? Well don’t wait that long. Bring home the rustic interior design style. Wondering how? Read on.

What Is Rustic Home Interior Design?

Rustic Home Interior Design is bringing home natural elements such as, wood, iron, coconut coir into your home interiors and aesthetically showcases them without much fuss! It gives your home a vintage look in the most sustainable way effortlessly. It widens your arena of possibilities to mix various interesting materials and textures to bring out rudimentary combinations of old-school and modern in an extremely exciting form.

What Are Rustic Elements?

Trusting and going back to the roots is all about going rustic, re-establishing that bond between man and nature. A rustic home will scream of being natural at its finest. It will give a feeling of being inside a space that gives you the maximum comfort for all the nature lovers.

A rustic home will mostly be filled with neutral soothing colors with optimal amounts of bright sprinkles here and there instead of jarring highlighted colors will greatly elevate your home’s rustic look. Use of reclaimed wooden materials, large roomy windows, floral and fruit designs, high wooden beams etc are some of the elements that one can see in rustic home interiors.

Rustic elements are also said to be something that goes hand in hand with the ideologies of a minimalistic design. But, rusticity has its very own definition and offers so much more to you as a home interior design

A rustic design is just like a plain canvas where you can explore and implement your creativity. You can also add a lot of DIY ideas and incorporate them in your home. Being so much closer to such an earthy and natural space is also said to inspire you as a person and help make your creativity flow. 

Even though an all-natural rustic home interior design may seem like it is restricting your design. With proper planning and execution it will greatly allow you to personalize your home space. It will let you bring forth all that you love together in an elegant fashion and take you back to your roots.

Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Come let’s take a look at some classy modern interior designs for you to design which one would suit your home the best. 

Embracing Natural Elements:

Rustic simply means rural, but you don’t have to be completely rigid and stick only to natural elements. Try to incorporate a lot of natural elements such as natural sunlight, natural wind flow, natural wood, natural fabrics and you can complete the overall look by garnering a little bit of modern architecture and design. You can install large French windows to let natural light seep in through your home and also make your room breezier. You can also include a large brown door to finish off your rustic home interior design with style. Get natural wood, it provides a better rustic style as compared to the tarnished ones. You can also combine a little bit of modernization to make your life better and practically easy yet rustic.

Neutral Colors With A Dash Of Spice:

A rustic home’s color palette is supposed to be neutral. Largely it is influenced by shades of brown, beige, off-white, eggshell, and lighter shades of yellow. Nonetheless don’t forget to add splashes of color hither and thither. Natural and rustic themes can very easily accommodate brightly colored flowers. Now is your chance to throw some brightly colored pillows, table linens, shades, plants, frames etc. The whole concept of rustic interiors lies in bringing a natural outdoorsy effect inside your home without overpowering it. Use colorful pots with evergreen plants. Floral’s add great depth to your rustic interiors, set a theme and have matching floral tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains, wall decors to set the whole look aesthetically.

Natural Fabrics And Materials Adding To Different Textures:

Ideally a lot of textures can be introduced into a rustic home. Natural materials such as raw unpolished wood can add great value to a rustic home interior. Try to source natural but safe wood (splinter free) such as sesame, teak, bamboo etc. When it comes to fabrics you can try to intone different variations such as jute, wool and silk to bring out their different textures beautifully. Every now and then you can add a little bit of splash by adding some silk cushions onto a woolen rug on the living room floor next to your warm and comfortable fireplace. Turn it into your reading zone. These variations in textures in the natural materials and fabrics will add so much vigor and depth into your rustic home interiors

Adding Warmth:

The idea of a rustic interior design can never be complete without a fireplace. Even without the fireplace a rustic home space spreads warmth, love and coziness with its design. The fireplace spreads more warmth. There are several options to choose from when it comes to choosing a fireplace that reflects your rustic home. If you are a fan of having a stone fireplace, you can definitely have that. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to just stone. If you are someone who likes to include a little bit of modernizations and practicality into your designs, Opt for an electrical fireplace and design the exterior with some stone textures or add some brick lining and finish it off with a refurbished wooden mantle for the complete look. 

Reclaimed And Repurposed Wooden Materials:

rustic home design style relies on its bond and connectivity with nature. That’s why installing wooden beams, wooden floors and wood furniture are keys to a rustic home. When it comes to wood, refurbished and reclaimed wood is all the rage nowadays. A person who loves rustic design is someone who loves nature and those who love nature will try to use the natural resources or elements quite conservatively. Refurbished wood makes your home feel cozy and comfy, adding to that it is also very safe as it is something owned by someone else you can be fear free of any extra wooden chips or extra nails. It would have already been removed by the previous owner before passing it on.

Using Minimalism To Your Advantage:

Sometimes, a natural rustic home interior design may overwhelm some people as it may give an old-worldly feeling. To avoid such instances try to get furniture that helps save you a lot of space such as a folding table in your living room instead of a big wooden table. This will work efficiently when you have smaller space but still want to have rustic interiors. This simple minimalistic approach will also greatly reduce that overpowering effect. To add to that you will also have great open spaces to move around. Two-for-two, get it?

Appropriate Lighting:

Lighting is the number one when it comes to breaking or keeping up your home interior design, it stands the same when it comes to having a rustic home interior design. Though a rustic design can be implemented by including a lot of natural sunlight into your with a simple fireplace for warmth, when combined with proper electrical lighting it can take your home space to its next level. If you have lots of candles and DIY sconces etc. imagine how a well decorated house with string lights, aromatic candles, lights casings and pendant lights can do to your home. A well-lit home is the most comfortable home. Is it not?

Avoiding Geometric Designs:

Geometric designs are a thing of the new age modern era. Rustic interiors do accommodate a lot of contemporary designs and can be combined with technological designs. But, one thing that you should be sure of avoiding is geometry and shapes. Because rustic interiors’ underlying theme is to go for an all-out natural and rural decor having geometric shapes into your design may downplay your effect dramatically. A rustic home’s beauty lies in how chaotic and poignant your place is. Though you can keep using polka dots, and square shaped blankets or doormats, limit them as much as you can and underplay these items by picking them in very light and neutral colors. Geometric shapes are a symbol of the orderly and organized and it might not go well with your rustic interiors.

DIY’s For A Personal Touch:

When you have a space that you would like to look like a country side home, why not try out some of your personal favourite DIY’s that can add to your rustic home interior. There are several DIY tutorials that are out there that you can select from. You may have saved several of them but not tried them yet, well now is your chance to put all those long awaited creativity of yours into action. You may have several old broken items such as wood pellets, broken pots, ceramics, glass etc. Do your research, decide upon a theme first and then collect the items needed. Once you have things assembled, work out a plan and try to incorporate some of your personal preferences to the idea. And voila your very own personalised DIY that suits your rustic home interior design is ready!

Utilizing Outdoor Spaces:

While trying to go for a rustic interior design, people often tend to overlook or neglect their outdoor spaces. But, as said earlier rustic elements can take us back to our roots and will connect us towards the earth. What better way than to utilize your outdoor space and connect deeper with nature? Create a simple yet durable wooden settee arrangement on your outdoor patio overlooking your garden or swimming pool. You can also add little lanterns over your big trees to add a rustic feel to your outdoor space. Add colorful potted plants, hanging flower pots and string lights. You can also have an inbuilt spot for a campfire. Add some stone or iron chairs around it to chill in the evenings.

A rustic interior design is not something to go overboard with, keep it simple and create some countryside magic inside your home. Designing your interiors may seem a tedious task, that too bringing home rusticity is not such an easy feat. No worries though, make sure to have your plan ready before you start the transformation. Be accommodative when needed, a little flexibility never hurts. To smoothly execute all your plans, get in touch with our expert After Build designers! Stay calm, have fun and trust the process! Revel in your rustic interiors! 

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