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The minimalist culture has often been part of the list of the new trends as far as Interior Designing is concerned. Though there is a lot of love for having an exquisite and heritage collection at home, it remains best suited for large spaces. The minimalist way appears to compliment the current fast-paced lifestyle for ones with studio-style and other compact apartments. The foldable furniture range comes with trendy designs and many other benefits such as easy maintenance, larger spaces, pocket-friendly, and very efficient storage capabilities. With these being so much in trend, we now have an option for every room in your house.
Let’s take a tour of your apartment to come up with possibilities starting with your living room. Here we go!

Living Room Minimalist Culture

Living Room is usually the one where one tends to showcase most of their collections which define their personality. Well, let’s not put any restrictions there. Multifunctional and stacked tea tables (with seats or more tables) are an option that we could use to maximize space instead of the traditional large Teapoys. They occupy less space and are expandable for multipurpose usage. Another is by having a bench attached to the shoe rack, with under-seat storage that can come in handy for storing newspapers, magazines, or other travel accessories such as helmets, footwear accessories, etc. This storage is particularly useful in the presence of a wall-mounted TV stand with no storage

Dining Room Minimalist Culture

We all love having a lavish dining table alongside a crockery unit with intricate wood carvings, don’t we? Here’s a tip. Try the drop-down table style that serves the purpose of a dining table when required and otherwise caters to a beautiful full-length crockery unit. A customized one could help with your love for intricate wood carvings. A stand-alone foldable dining table is another option for a space saver.

Bedroom Minimalist Culture

This one resonates well with studio apartment owners or the apartments where a guest bedroom is a convertible option for a playroom. The wall-mounted foldable beds are a huge space savior when you need to juggle the space for multiple purposes. The under-bed or headboard storage unit helps maintain a clutter-free bedroom in the absence of sufficient wardrobes or other storage cabinets.

Kitchen Minimalist Culture

The kitchen interiors of today are designed to blend your culture with your current lifestyle and functionality. Gone are the days when we used to have a large kitchen equivalent to the size of a living room to comfortably hoard items and sit on the ground at the center to cook your meal. With time and money being an important factor in our lives today, most of us end up with compact kitchens to make space for other portions of the house. Here is where Smart kitchens are of huge help! With most of us having modular kitchens, the Lofty and Storage friendly designs are the ones that will come to the rescue of optimizing space. Tall Storage units are smart options for hoarders and kitchen appliance lovers, which helps keep them all stacked inside and gives the kitchen counters a neat look.

Kids Room/Office Space Minimalist Culture

Do you wish to put your creative ideas to use? Here’s the perfect room to try all your options. There are multiple ways to organize your kid’s room or a mini workspace at home. From foldable office tables to stackable beds, there is so much you could do here. Bunk beds, stackable beds, or sofa beds are a viable option if two or more kids occupy the same room. They are both comfortable and lightweight for daily use. As for office space or study table choices, the foldable ones attached to a storage cabinet comes in as the most efficient ones. They serve the purpose of a study/work table as well as a bookshelf or other stationery/playthings storage cabinets.

After Build is here to help you design a minimalist home, making it spacious and well decorated with sleek furniture to best suit your lifestyle and aesthetics. We make your home a perfect place to be yourself. Let’s ideate and create spaces together.

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