9 Cool Kids Bedroom Design Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now

Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Planning on getting your child’s bedroom ready? Don’t have much space or you have too much space that you don’t know what to do with it? Looking for some Cool Kids Bedroom Design Ideas that your home needs right now? Read on to know how best you can design your kid’s bedroom (large or small space) within your budget.

Your children’s bedroom is where big dreams materialize. It is highly recommended that you properly plan and design your child’s room carefully. They not only sleep in it, they play, they read, they plan, they share, they hide, and they wonder what life is all about in it.

Such an important space needs to be shaped up appropriately to suit your child’s taste and it should also let your child explore and learn at the same time.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Space is an important factor and it plays an enormous role in your end design. Whether you have more space or less space, keep in mind there are several ways to make your room comfortable and utilitarian at the same time. We have some amazing kids bedroom designs for small spaces. Keep reading..

What is your budget?

Budget! Budget! Budget! It is quite natural to overshoot your budget sometimes. But without a budget you might be spending a lot more than what you had in mind. Having a proper budget helps you spend only on necessary items. It greatly reduces your overspend limit. Keep watching our space for more kids’ bedroom ideas on a budget.

Now that we have the two most important factors sorted out. It’s time to take a look at Bedroom Designs that really wows your kids.

Here are 9 Cool Kids Bedroom Design Ideas That Your Home Needs:

1.Play With Cool Colors For Your Cool Kids:

Kids love colors, don’t they? Play with some exciting colours that your kids will love. You can use light soft pastel colors for the whole room. Turn one wall into a space where you can add your kids favourite characters. Add splashes of colors but not to a level where it’s overpowering.

2.Choose Themes That Your Cool Kids Love:

Your child must have favourite cartoon characters right? Whether it be Paw Patrol, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Avengers, Spiderman etc, create themes and patterns using your child’s favourite characters. Even if you don’t have enough wall space you can include bed covers, themed furniture sets, and wall stickers.

3.Cool Wallpaper Options To Choose From:

Wallpapers never go out of fashion and you have a lot of options to choose from. Make sure to use water resistant and non-scratchable wallpapers. You can mix and match funky colors and patterns on different parts of your space. With right planning you can make your child’s room vibrant and comforting.

4.Showcase Your Child’s Hobbies:

Add depth and character to your child’s room by including elements of your child’s favourite hobby. Is your little champ a basketball player, football player, loves crocheting, collects stamps, or is a great cook! Adding small things in their rooms helps elevate your kids bedroom design and as a bonus will serve as a daily reminder or inspiration to continue their hobby.

5.Use Furniture To Your Advantage:

While choosing furniture for the kids’ room make sure to opt for things that are comfortable and space saving. If you have more than one kid sharing a room, go for a bunk bed instead of a double bed. Choose a wall sliding study table which can be closed after every use. By going for such options you can increase the room space and your kids can use it for playtime as well.

6.Kids Room Decor:

Having great room decors to match your cool kids bedroom design will make your child feel more relatable and content in their bedroom. Choose a funky wall clock, an ornate night lamp, some cute wall hangings, some string lights with photos or favourite memories with your child, curtains that let some sunlight in etc.

Here are some incredible place for you to buy adorable kids room decor items, that you and your kids will love:

Firstcry.com, Amazon, Pepperfry, Homecenter

7.Unleash Your Cool Kids Creativity:

Kids are the most creative and they have such brilliant ideas. Oftentimes we overlook and make decisions that we think are best for them. Before decorating or redecorating your child’s bedroom, discuss with your child and ask for their inputs. You can also have a creative corner for your child and have that space dedicated to use it to paint, draw, write, practice singing or do anything that is creative.

8.Go Minimal To Maximise Effect:

Being minimal is fast becoming the trend, yes? Hop on to the trend by simply opting for plain colors for the walls and have a single large sticker of your child’s choice and stick it on their wall. This will maximise the effect dramatically by making things look larger than normal and give an airy room feeling to your child’s bedroom.

9.Add Some Green And Be Eco-Friendly:

This fast world leaves no time to sit, relax and take in nature as it is. Add some insect repellent plants or attractive and colourful indoor plants that can add depth to the room. Also use only things that are functional and utilitarian. Opt for furniture that are made of wood or iron. Say NO NO to plastic and show your child how it is done the Eco-Friendly way!

Decided on which style or ideas to incorporate when you are transforming your cool kids’ bedroom yet? From our Cool Kids Bedroom Design Ideas, which did you like the most? You can use any of the options or simply get inspired by mixing and matching to suit your kids style in a budget friendly way!

Design and flaunt your child’s bedroom to your friends and kids friends. Make them GO wow! Leave your comments as to which idea struck a chord with you and why!

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