11 Affordable Home Decor Ideas For After-Diwali Makeover

Affordable Home Decor Ideas For After-Diwali Makeover

Phew, Diwali is finally over. Hope you had fun during this long weekend. Time to shift back to normalcy? Thinking of giving your home sweet home a quick makeover after having your friends, family & relatives over for Diwali? Let’s make some special twists and turns to your house and give it an all-new fresh look! Let your homies slack their jaws open and rave your housekeeping skills.

After Builds, Home decor ideas for After-Diwali Makeover special. A step-by-step guide to getting your home ready after a tiring yet soooper doooper fun-filled Diwali.

Here are 11 affordable After-Diwali home decor ideas to spice up and add a magical touch to your home. Giddy up & brighten up your home space with us.

1.Frame It Up

Decorate your living room with some small-sized frames or cute little fancy wall arts. Either with florals, seasons, nature, or with recent Diwali pictures of yours with friends and family.

Here are some great places to buy classic and fine-looking frames that will suit your wall:

Amazon, Homecenter, Myntra, Tata Cliq

Budget: 2500 – 3000

2.Wallpaper Power

Looking to give your home space a quick and instant makeover? Choose the power of wallpapers. Bring about a stark and impressive change. It would take probably about 3 – 5 hours but it is totally worth it! Give it a try! 

Here are some great places to buy absolutely gorgeous wallpapers that are affordable and offers a wide range of varieties:

Decore Mantra, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra

Budget: 1500 – 2500

3.Brighten Up With Lights

Are you someone who often loves experimenting with your home decors? Here’s a great opportunity to do just that. Brighten up your home space by adding crushed lights, lanterns, decorative lamps, etc.  Better yet, you can make your own DIY lamps as well.

Here are some great places to buy absolutely delightful lamps, lanterns, and lights that you brighten up your house:

Chumbak, Home Centre, West Side, Fab India, Odyssey

Budget: 1000 – 2500

4.Cozy Carpets/Rugs

Having matching, cozy and comfy carpets or rugs can improve your home aesthetics up by a notch. Leaf, geometric, floral patterns can bring about expressing who you are as a person. 

Here are some great places to buy pretty and great-looking carpets/ rugs that will suit the living room, bedroom, etc:

Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Amazon, Fab India

Budget: 2000 – 5000

5.Lit Cushions

Cushions bring great comfort and joy to any room in your house. Get bold, choose colors that add great depths and characters to your home space. Layer them up and have fun!

Here are some great places to buy colorful and bright or soft and pastel cushions that suit your taste:

Home Center, Amazon, Fab India, West Side

Budget: 1500 – 2000

6.Aromas To Loosen You Up

Having a warm welcoming aroma as soon as you enter your house is a completely soothing experience. You can pick up flower-scented aromas, or earthen-wooden aromas, Oceanic and Mediterranean Breeze. 

Here are some great places to buy scintillating aromas that better suit and elevate your mood:

Home Center, Amazon, Forest Essentials, Odyssey

Budget: 1500 – 2500

7.Make It Green With Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to show your love for mother nature. They also liven up and add a touch of love to your home. Please keep in mind to pick up plants that can add value to your home not just as decor but also as a way to increase air circulation. 

Here are some great places to buy succulents, Air purifying plants, decorative plants, insect-repellent plants, etc:

Ferns & Petals, Amazon, Nurserylive, Odyssey

Budget: 1500 – 2500

8.Dine-In With Style

Having dinner with your family every day builds such a bond between you and your loved ones. That’s why dining should be a delightful and exquisite experience for you. Using table runners, placemats, tea coasters, bread bowls or fruit bowls, etc can greatly enhance your dining experience.

Here are some great places to buy all your dining decor needs at one go:

Amazon, Home Center, Urban Ladder

Budget: 2000 – 3000

9.Buckle Up Your Book Corner

Your book corner can sometimes become your go-to place for when you need yourself a pick-me-up. Decorating it with ample lighting and making it cozy and comfy enough will make your book corner absolutely a delight to be in. 

Here are some great places to buy and make the bookworm in you swell at heart:

Amazon, Home Center, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry

Budget: 2500 – 5000

10.Comfy Arm-Chairs

Arm-Chairs are a great addition to your house, not only for your comfort but for adding value to your home decor. Think of it as an investment to spend ‘Me’ time with a cup of coffee and a good book. Curl up and get comfy. 

Here are some great places to buy your comfy arm-chairs:

Amazon, Home Center, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry

Budget: 15000 – 25000

11.Liven Up Your Balcony

A balcony is supposedly a sweet spot for any house. It’s where you unwind, relax and connect with the outside world. Whether it be comfy seating, big leafy plants, colorful planters, rugs that go well with the whole outlook. 

Here are some great places to buy your comfy sitters, rugs, planters & balcony plants:

Amazon, Home Center, Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Nurserylive

Budget: 3000 – 6000

Enjoyed reading our After-Diwali Makeover Ideas? Leave your favorite idea with us in the comment. Do share it with your friends & family.

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