kitchen interior design in bangalore

A family that eats together, stays together! The joy of cooking increases multi-folds when the kitchen interiors are designed to blend your culture with your current lifestyle, functionality and aesthetics.

In current day India, kitchens are considered as an important portion of the home, more like a nucleus that brings the family together. Being a multi-cultural country, we are known for having a variety of kitchen interior design structures, each symbolic of a certain culture and of a certain cuisine to best suit the style of cooking.

At After-Build, we bring to you a variety of kitchen interior design in bangalore to choose from – Simple, Beautiful, Modern, Spacious, Lofty, Open, name it and you’ll have it, with the variety of color codes and patterns. We also cater to bespoke designs, to style it the way you need it.

Define your Functionality – Kitchen Interior Design in Bangalore

1. Smart Kitchens

Gone are the days when you could take the list of items you need for cooking and sit on the ground to comfortably make your meal. With the use of table top stoves, and time being an important factor in our fast-moving lives today, a modular kitchen to keep up with your pace is the way to go!

Style your cabinets in a way to best suit your style of cooking. With the many kitchen gadgets and appliances that are in use today, After-Build offers various kitchen interior designs to fit in all your essentials in a way that will best suit the purpose and optimize the space to the best of its ability.

What more than an urban kitchen for the city dwellers!

2. Are you a Hoarder? That’s perfectly fine with us!

Thanks to the climatic conditions and varied culture in India, we tend to often indulge in cooking at least 2 to 3 times in a day, not to mention the variety of dishes and types of utensils that every cuisine brings in! From stocking groceries to cookware and utensils, to be able to have them all neatly arranged in one portion of the house is not a cake walk. Our Lofty kitchen design ideas and Storage cabinets help you have it all under one roof.

Why fancy only fashion accessories, lets accentuate our kitchen too!

3. Open Kitchen Concept

Get togethers or parties at home are always fun! How would you like to have a spacious kitchen which opens up to the garden or a dining area? Or even better, have a small dining place right inside the kitchen to smoke and munch some barbeques or just plain eat hot rotis/dosas?

An island counter does it all! An open kitchen interior design comes with good storage units and smart kitchen concepts to best cater to a clutter free and inviting space to cook, wine and dine.

Would you want to meet, greet and eat at the same time? Let’s do it the Open Kitchen way!

Define your Aesthetics

4. All things White and Neutral

For some of our classic’s lovers with a liking for brightness in all corners of their home, All White it is and will always be. White defines freshness and purity, and it is considered a happy color. This choice is also the best option for small kitchens and the ones with no natural light, as it does not define the room boundaries and makes it look bigger.

All things white and beautiful, our options great and classy!

5. Pops of Colors

The ingredients of Indian food are known to have a variety of spices, herbs and other seasonings. As much as they are healthy and tasty, they may not compliment the light-colored tones for the zesty chefs in town.

Colored themes for kitchen interior design in bangalore are so in today, for the ones which have a lot of natural light coming in, making it look fresh for years to come. They not only add a dash of color and beauty, but also cater to easy maintenance.

Why should food have all the color? Bring them on to your kitchen cabinets too!

6. The looks of Natural

The words “Go green” and “Organic” are commonly used today, so often that one tends to only think on the lines of handy products/food that we use/consume on a day-to-day basis. But what does it have to do with kitchen interior designs anyway?

Some bricks and metals, or wood and concretes, the all-natural look of the kitchen brings in feeling of connect with the outdoors. If you want to get back to the basics, we can either make it look natural, or keep it fully natural.

Don’t like it too polished? Let’s go the Natural Way.

7. Patterns, Textures and Lighting

Some like it floral, some like it plain, others like it textured. Whatever be the choice, lighting plays an important role in highlighting the beauty of the creation. Our wide range of kitchen interior design in bangalore options help you fill in your kitchen tiles and cabinets with your sense of aesthetics.

After-Build offers kitchen concepts that bring out the passionate cook in you!

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