apartment interior design ideas in bangalore

Your First apartment is always so special. Following these apartment interior design ideas will make it even more special. While the exterior is for the others, the interior is for you. Believe us, there is a soulful connection between you and your apartment’s interior design.

Planning the interior design is never a tedious process, taking small efforts can bring about some big changes to your new apartment. When you buy a new apartment or move to a new city and rent an apartment, you will be busy shifting things and getting settled down.

So a proper plan is what you need to make. With this, we move on to our first step of planning our apartment interior design.

1. Have a Plan for your Apartment Interior Design

You know your apartment better, so look for the spot and keep some ideas ready before you just move into your new apartment. Already a huge amount will be invested in buying the apartment or paying the rent, so fix a budget and a proper Time frame and adhere to it. Plan where to keep certain things and where not to keep so that you don’t have to invest in shifting it again.

2. Prioritise your needs​

Once you plan a budget, the next thing you will have to do is to prioritize your needs. Invest in daily usage amenities. Concentrate on your kitchen and bedroom. Buy a nice and comfortable bed, and buy some good-looking utensils to decorate your kitchen.

3. Have a Good Welcoming

Try to place some statuesque idols or a plant shelf near your shoe rack. These would give a good impression. Then try to place a decorative sofa set in your apartment living room. Size comes secondary when there is a lot of comfort.

4. Curtains are vital to apartment interior design

There should be a window that provides more light and air circulation in the apartment. Add move values to your windows by fixing a curtain. Royal curtains give a rich look to your apartment and also decorate your walls.

5. Invest big on one thing

When you plan to spend money on interior designing, invest big only on one particular thing. That one thing for which your guests will remember your apartment. It can either be an expensive kitchen item or a canopy bed with some LED light decors.

6. Apartment Furniture Ideas

While you add furniture into your small apartment, plan to add something that best fits the size of your living room. If you ever plan to use old furniture, decorate it with new things. A simple pillow to your sofa will make it look adorable. You can also hide some broken or cracked areas with new paintings and decorating stickers.

7. Wallpapers to decorate the apartment interior​

Add wallpapers to the list of things to buy for your apartment interior design. Painting the walls with a simple white color or some light color would be both cost-effective and also give your small house interior a pleasant look. Wallpapers can be changed as per your wish, and the money spent on them is less than repainting the entire house. Thus you can complete your apartment decorating on a budget.

8. Arrange your Bathroom equipment:​

Bathrooms are the next big thing that you should take care of, apart from taking care of your bedroom and living room. Add some curtains to separate your bathroom spaces. Have a place for everything that belongs to the bathroom, within the bathroom. Having a bathroom mirror shelf will save some extra space for you.

9. Lighting setup for your apartment interior design

Modular lighting systems installed in your small house interior will enhance the look and also have other benefits. The first thing is that they look so unique and attractive. The second is that they don’t occupy much of your room space or wall space. Adding creativity to your room’s lighting setup can also give some best results.

10. Hide wire and cords:

Hide the wires and cords with a cable concealer when you have to run the wires straight across the wall. Whenever there is a table near the bed, try to hide the wires behind the bed. Placing some decorative plants and small bookshelves or book racks can hide the clumsy-looking wires.

By practicing all these 10 simple apartment interior design ideas, you can build the interior of your small apartment as per your dream. Also, these interior ideas are not so expensive so, planning them can make your apartment decorating plans fall within your budget.

If you are confused and need some guidance to choose between several apartment interior design ideas, you can feel free to contact us and book an appointment with us through our website afterbuild.in.

And if you have some ideas, or have already implemented some ideas, feel free and add them in the comment section provided below. We will reply to your comments as soon as possible.

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